21 Things Pittsburgh Has Given to America

by Joe Vennare | Innovation

Being a mid-sized city can be a gift and a curse.

No matter what happens in Pittsburgh, it will never gain the acclaim of New York or L.A. That’s not to say that Pittsburgh hasn’t played a pivotal role in America’s development. It certainly has. And it still is, developing game-changing innovations whose impact far exceeds its midsize status.

But if you find yourself questioning the contributions of the Steel City, beyond the obvious, allow us to present you with a list of things Pittsburgh has give to America. You can thank us later.

Victory over the French

If you paid attention in American History you know that Pittsburgh, specifically the forks of the Ohio River, was a hot commodity back then. Does the French and Indian War ring a bell? William Pitt was Secretary of State during this time, helping strategize and manage war supplies, ensuring a victory over the French.

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