Technology fused with sculpture in a contemporary reinvention of figurative art.

Internationally renowned for his monumental figurative works in bronze, Jim West brings a bold style and passion to the contemporary art scene with a new series of interactive sculptures incorporating light, kinetics, and sound. His distinct fusion of technology with sculpture is redefining figurative art and multi-media storytelling through intensely visceral, abstract works that ignite uniquely personal, emotional responses. West’s newest figurative works not only showcase his depth and breadth as a fine artist, but also reveal a thought-provoking narrative of the times. Provocative yet poignant, his powerful body of work provides an unparalleled multi-sensory experience for current and future generations. No matter the subject, West’s richly textured sculptures reveal underlying layers of intention that stimulate, resonate, and evoke thoughtful introspection among diverse audiences who often discover that they too have “lived his story.”


2018 May
Contemporary Kinetic Sculpture
Medium: Bronze, Steel, Aluminum, Kinetics
Dimensions: 19′ including 42″ Sphere, 2500 lbs.
Public Installation
Gold LEED Certified Green Building, McIlroy Center for Science, Technology & Innovation Facility

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2.C is about seeing in a different way; more depth, physical mass, spirit and space. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Thousands of years ago indigenous people called this ‘looking through the fire’, not just seeing the surface, but feeling the dynamics beneath. This sculpture incorporates a straight and curved line in front of a sphere representing Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and how light and time bend. The third line takes the shape of a spinal cord symbolic of our humanity. This sculpture moves and changes as do our own perspectives throughout our lifetime. 2.C is a compelling equation impregnated with questions to be answered.


Split Infinity
2018 April
Contemporary Narrative. Figurative Sculpture
Medium: Cast Bronze finished in Gold Patina
Dimensions: Torso portion: 110”x79” Weight: 950 lbs.
Legs portion: 92”x58” Weight: 1000 lbs.
Creativity Commons, ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks

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Split Infinity Invokes and challenges the viewer to look at all things from a different perspective, not only from our horizontal Earth environment but from vertically, outside the Earth, consider thinking from another dimension. Split Infinity challenges the viewer to ‘go within’ to experience an outcome at a level they believe is above them. We must look at things more than once to achieve a different, deeper perspective.

A multi-faceted piece. Einstein is emerging from the floor, pulling on a rope that is tied to his own foot.

Sculptor Jim West recognizes that we all struggle, our lives can be a challenge, much like Albert Einstein who also experienced loneliness and struggle. This dramatic bronze sculpture dares to ask important questions of us. How can YOUR differences, your uniqueness, take YOU to the next level? Dare to be different! Celebrate your uniqueness. Who will be the next genius? DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. THINK.


Our Path
2018 September
Contemporary Sculpture
Medium: Rusted Metal
Dimensions: 11 1/2′ x 16′ x 4′
Beautiful. Haunting. Interactive. Dramatic. Spectacular.

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All words to describe OUR PATH, a monumental, contemporary outdoor sculpture delicately laced with intricate water-jet carvings celebrating the natural world.

Mother Nature … truly the ultimate Sculptor. I am but her messenger.

Inspired by Caravaggio’s Doubting Thomas. His work challenges our perspective on our relationship with God, viewed not from the heavens, not from a ceiling of a church but from a sinner’s perspective.

I approached OUR PATH, this intense environmental Sculpture, with a powerful message, AS A USER. What will our Carbon Footprint be when we leave Mother Earth?

I went back to the forest, I knelt on Mother Earth and I sketched the outlines of her plant life. I took the outlines of the plants and water jet cut them into metal to create the plant forms. Sunlight goes through the plant forms and creates a design on Mother Earth. The shadows around the light move every day and through the seasons. Also, there are three sets of footprints laying nearby. If you were to stand on the first set during the Summer Solstice the shadow would touch your toes. If you were to stand on the other footprints during the Winter Solstice and Equinox the shadow would touch your toes. These footprints represent our carbon footprint.

This epiphany, this realization, alerts each of us to our monumental responsibility and obligation to this environment, our Mother Earth on which we exist. The existence of future generations remains in the balance.

Our responsibility. What will be left in Our Path? Despair and Anger.


Despair and Anger
2017 Public, FL
Medium: Steel, Bronze, Lighting, Poetry and Sound.
Dimensions: Experience Light, Sound, Poetry within a 10’ x 12’ darkened Space from a perspective of loss and the lack of power to control. Appreciated from the Perspective of the Loved One, Not the Warrior.

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When you first look at Despair And Anger. War you see one face. After careful consideration, you see two distinct emotions simultaneously. Listen to the prose. Become absorbed.
The powerful narrative emphasizes that too many circumstances and emotions are not always within our control. As Human Beings we have the capacity to feel more than one emotion at a time. The lack of control, knowing a potential extreme outcome and inability to react create in us Despair, Anger.

This abstract, raw and intense 90-second multi-sensory experience incorporates a focal point. A contemporary bronze sculpture, accompanied by sound and light ignite in us our own unique, visceral emotional reaction.

Despair and Anger. Feel Its Pain.


The Bond
2017 Public
Bronze Sculpture – Grand Museum and Library, Philadelphia, PA
Medium: Bronze Monument Sculpture, Concrete
Dimensions: 9’ high x 12’ wide

Sculptor Jim West was asked to design a storyline about Masons, always embracing collaborating with historians, West came up with this historical bronze sculpture, representing a bond between two countries and three men. The story begins when Benjamin Franklin went to France as a diplomat and was influential in negotiating the involvement with the French in the American War of Independence. During this time, George Washington was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army of the American Revolution. When the French Alliance sent their troops, they were led by Gilbert du Montier Lafayette. Lafayette gifted George Washington an apron; a fabric that bonds the two countries together. The monumental statue depicts George Washington presenting that apron to Benjamin Franklin. The apron is displayed in the Grand Masonic Museum of Philadelphia, tours available.


The Edge
2017 Public, Sturgis Museum, SD

Living on the edge gives you a high like no other, but death is always there. I don’t care if it is going fast on my bike or another addiction, The Edge can be a slippery slope.
The pregnant nude on the bike represents life. The skeleton, death. Their dance represents the rush and danger of living on The Edge.


In The East, Brother Ben Franklin
2016 Public
Bronze Sculpture – Grand Museum and Library, Philadelphia, PA
Medium: Bronze, Stainless Steel, Marble
Dimensions: 9’ x 17’

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Research for this installation project began with the relationship between Artist Jean Antoine Houdon (1741–1828) and Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). Houdon’s bust of Franklin was the first of his canonical portraits of leading figures in American history which is on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Artists over the years have referred to this sculpture not only as iconic but as the true likeness of Benjamin Franklin. West patterned the portrait of Franklin in In The East, Brother Ben Franklin, after this Houdon bust. Not only recognizing Franklin but honoring Houdon and their friendship by adding the date they met on the collar of the 17′ Bronze. Also during intensive research, artist West created a symbolic ‘nine line’ graphic on the sculpture representative of The Muses or Nine Sisters, the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts in Greek mythology. They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in these ancient cultures.


No Recess Please
2015 Public
Medium: Steel, sand, marble, brick, fiber

Dimensions: 12’ x 6’ x 8’

A child’s swing hangs empty and lifeless from steel I-beams that support a small scale reproduction of a fiberboard sided local library of decades old design. The small library’s vertical and horizontal I-beam support is purposefully erected and deliberately fashioned in the shape of a “hangman’s gallows” and this structure is solidly mounted in the cold earth under the child’s swing with a rugged base of stone, brick and marble moorings.

The child’s play-swing was once the joy of a school playground that was full of promising and laughing children until one fateful day, the swing would stop forever. For it was on that tragic day that one very bright young girl of barely 8 years, awkwardly fell to the ground. Her would-be celebration of another glorious school lunch recess, crashed abruptly to a brutal end. So vivid was the image of the adults and children alike as they encircled the motionless young girl that lay before them. Every one of them stood by in shock as their sense of helplessness sank deeper into their thoughts with every second that passed. The quick arrival of the flashing local ambulance and the on-boarding of this broken little girl seemed like it was an eternity. Then sadly, it was only three days later that the final page of this horrific story was first revealed to the family of the little girl and then to her teachers and schoolmates. The beautiful and promising child passed away during her third night at the hospital.  [read more]


Of One
2013 Private
Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions: 6′ x 3.6′ x 2’

From one view she supports him and from another he supports her.


The Walk
2011 Public ~ Sculpture

We can learn from the balance between the past, present and future.

FRANK WEST (1932-2005) always looked to the past with respect. Changes he made to a building always considered their impact upon the present and the future while keeping traditions alive.

We hope that in the future when people look at this sculpture they will learn from Frank West.

“There is always a balance, not just in community and architecture but in our lives.”


SHADY AVE – Jim West: Finding a Balance
Fall 2011
Pittsburgh City Council Proclamation


Point of View
2006 Public
Figurative Sculpture, Park, and Landscape Design
Medium: Bronze Monument Sculpture, Stone, Concrete
Dimensions: 9.5′ x 105′ x 45’

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This bronze monument on Pittsburgh’s Mount Washington depicts a meeting in October 1770 between George Washington and Seneca leader Guyasuta. Once allies, then veterans on opposing sides in the French & Indian War, the two met 17 years later down the Ohio River and sat overnight at council fire to revisit their past and debate the future of this highly prized region. Though they held very different ideas about the fate of this area, they parted on friendly terms. Called “Point of View,” the sculpture by James A. West captures a moment in time between these two formidable men whose actions had a huge impact on Pittsburgh, Southwestern Pennsylvania and the country that would be America.

The piece marks the westernmost end of the Grand View Scenic Byway and Park, an official Pennsylvania Scenic Byway. It was dedicated on October 25, 2006 by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Warren Skye (HoinJaGwaGohn), along with period re-enactors, the artist, Mt. Washington Community Development Corp., local residents and members of the Seneca Nation.


The Search

We all set out on the journey of life in search of our own ‘right path’. We discover challenges and opportunities, and react in our own unique way. In a real sense, the choices we make are a reflection of our inner selves, and they reveal our true identity ~ our heart and soul.

“The Search” is my interpretation of that journey, portrayed as a young man reaching into the water. As he stretches his hands beneath the surface, he is reaching, fishing about, unsure of what he will find. As he looks down, his own reflection in the mirror image of the water shows him the way. I feel “The Search” conveys the idea that we already have all that we need, deep within us. Our everyday actions, large and small, on the journey of life will reveal our true nature, but all the answers already lie within. What we truly seek is inside each of us, waiting to be discovered through our own searching.


2005 Private ~ Sorrow and Despair, Abstract Sculpture

2005 Commission ~ The One, Awarded at Bethesda Art Show

Private Collections in Italy and England as well as nationally throughout United States.

The Process

Jim West understands and oversees each stage of the process, from initial concept through the installation of the finished works of art. West pays intimate attention to every facet of the sculpting process, drawing together the best possible team. West prepares for each work with extensive engineering and design analysis. He meets with historians and experts, collaborating with curatorial, committees, fabricators and city planners. West presents a series of maquettes of the sculpture before meeting with enlargers and foundries. Teaming with boards and committees, art commissions, and architects, large scale art installations are successfully managed through completion and beyond.