Despair and Anger©

Both literal and conceptual, this raw and intense 50 second multi-sensory journey through light, sound, and the spoken word invites the viewer to experience two very distinct emotions. As human beings we have the innate capacity to feel more than one emotion at a time. DESPAIR AND ANGER is the object, the subject, and the consequence of engaging with this visceral installation. Entering a darkened space, one is confronted and conflicted by images and narrative. One is powerless to intervene or to alter what is happening. The powerful narrative emphasizes the uncomfortable reality that, all too often, many circumstances are not within our control.


The controversy continues as the gun violence debate deepens. This shocking sculpture depicts a stoic man holding a gun and aiming. This emotional, political piece is aimed at open, continuous discussions versus in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy.


Utterance is a symbolic sculpture, using illumination and volume control, about how we, as humans, need to quiet the noise around us, and listen, really listen, to the messages that are being broadcasted. And, how we use our own voices to communicate throughout our lifetimes.


Mother Nature is the ultimate Sculptor. I know that I cannot compete, but can become a messenger for her. The hills, the valleys, the reflections from water and the way the hills tuck behind one another. .. her palette goes on and on.


2.C is about seeing in a different way; more depth, physical mass, spirit and space. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Split Infinity©

I acknowledge my insecurities! We all have them, without exception. I used Albert Einstein for this sculpture because when we see his image we initially think of Genius, not of loneliness and insecurity.

Of One©

From one view she supports him, from the other view he supports her.

No Recess Please©

This sculpture depicts the death of a child while on a playground. The swing hangs empty and lifeless from a steel beam supporting a small-scale replica of an actual library, which was built in the memory of this child. The vertical and horizontal beam support is purposely erected in the shape of a hangman’s gallows.

Utter Despair©

It is sometimes said, in the making of a piece of art, that technique alone is able to capture the essence of an object. It is not difficult to see this truth, in the case of UTTER DESPAIR, in the roughness of the modeling and expressiveness of form.

In The East©

I was commissioned by the Masonic Museum and Library in Philadelphia to create a 17′ bronze likeness of Benjamin Franklin. The Masonic Museum and Library has great curators and historians and since I wanted more than just a statue of Benjamin Franklin we investigated his history.

The Bond©

This historical, bronze statue represents a bond between two countries and three men. The story begins when Benjamin Franklin went to France as a diplomat and was influential in negotiating the involvement with the French in the American War of Independence.

Point of View©

In a community where many will view a sculpture multiple times, hopefully they will see different symbolism every time they view it. This sculpture depicts the monumental meeting of George Washington and Seneca leader Guyasuta in 1770.

The Walk©

We can learn from the balance between the past, present and future.

Frank West (1932-2005) always looked to the past with respect. Changes he made to a building always considered their impact upon the present and the future while keeping traditions alive.


Rusted steel
20’ in three sections (6.10m)

Reflections of Me©

Steel, resin, concrete, rebar, terra-cotta
6’ 2” x 30” (187.96cm x 76.2cm)