Reflections of Me


Steel, Resin, Concrete, Rebar, Terra-Cotta


6’ 2” x 30”

I am not a woman nor have I had breast cancer. However, I am an artist with empathy and approached this sculpture as a journalist would. After interviewing two women who had breast reconstruction surgery I began my design thinking of them and their journeys both physical as well as mental. They spoke of setbacks and sometimes feeling lonely and not whole. Despite their struggles, they shared how they were forever changed, positively, by this journey they had been forced to take.

I used materials such as concrete, steel rebar and terra-cotta to represent the different steps of this journey. Concrete and Steel represent feminine strength. Her breasts are somewhat reflective at the same time her body is in process of healing too. Her head is made of terra-cotta, very strong but yet very fragile, it speaks for itself.