Public art is a singular element that ultimately speaks thousands of different stories to millions of different viewers, the opportunity to collaborate with clients to create large scale installations of public art is a privilege and honor.

Together, we create a touchstone for the public. We cast a stone upon the great waters of public consciousness – and its ripples extend outward to unknown corners of our world, as well as inwards, to the heart, mind and soul of our audience.

Let’s work together.

Let’s tell a story.

Let us Sculpt your narrative.


I want to challenge the audience. Encourage them to ponder and pause for “That Second Take”. And upon closer scrutiny, I want your story to continue to unfold in every detail.

My perfectionism – my passion for getting it right — is the reason why I listen, question, understand, and interpret, so I can ultimately deliver with utmost detail.


I am Sculptor, James West. I specialize in large-scale work for museums, art galleries, and a wide variety of prominent public spaces. My team and I have the artistic and technical experience to execute any project to your specifications, for any environment, from design to delivery and installation.

“I am a Sculptor. I sculpt to tell YOUR Story. My passion translates into YOUR Narrative.” ~ James West


I create sculptures designed to bring your message to life in a most unique way, best suited to your objectives. My works include contemporary, abstract, figurative, and interactive pieces of art. The use of unique combinations of metals, wood, stone and other material, will connect your story with emotion. I will design to your aspirations, and deliver specifically with your audience in mind.


Studio Wild West is located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, along the banks of the Allegheny River. As a child of the Appalachias, I’ve spent a lifetime surrounded by a modern city, industrial grit, and the unexpected and stunning natural beauty of our forests, rivers and mountains.

Studio Wild West is where I can think big, break boundaries, and distill complex narratives into singular works of art.