Jim Giving Back

I look to my past to dictate my future self and how I want to live my life. I know how my experiences shaped me and I want to help others understand that no one can limit them. From volunteering my time to at-risk youth and various art councils to donating a percentage of sculpture sales to an extraordinary cause, my goal is to commit to always leaving an imprint on the lives that come after me.

The Process

Jim West understands and oversees each stage of the process, from initial concept through the installation of the finished works of art. West pays intimate attention to every facet of the sculpting process, drawing together the best possible team.  West prepares for each work with extensive engineering and design analysis. He meets with historians and experts, collaborating with curatorial, committees, fabricators and city planners. West presents a series of maquettes of the sculpture before meeting with enlargers and foundries. Teaming with boards and committees, art commissions, and architects, large scale art installations are successfully managed through completion and beyond.