Point of View

Mixed Medium – Bronze, Stone and Concrete, 12′ x 10′, Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, PA

In a community where many will view a sculpture multiple times, hopefully they will see different symbolism every time they view it. This sculpture depicts the monumental meeting of George Washington and Seneca leader Guyasuta in 1770. These men were once allies then fought against each other in the French and Indian War only to meet again over council fire along the Ohio River. Washington has a sword, but his hand is positioned in the inside of the sword, not the outside ready to use. Guyasuta has a tomahawk peace pipe with the peace pipe side up not the blade. Their weapons are there but in a position of peace not war. I wanted them to be face to face and closer than normal to depict a conversation that shows intensity and a bit of uncomfortableness. George Washington is positioned looking down the Ohio Valley indicating the colonist’s westward push, while Guyasuta has his back towards the Ohio Valley in defiance of the white man’s push into the Ohio Valley.