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A silent witness to the democratic process brings the past into the present

Pittsburgh, PA, Nov. 10, 2020 — With the eyes of the world upon Pennsylvania, Jim West’s monumental sculpture THE BOND flashed across the screen of national media outlets — and it couldn’t have been more appropriate.

“This sculpture tells the story of an idea of government ruled by the people, not a King or Monarch,” said West. “Is it fortuitous or providential that where our democracy started in the United States of America is where the 2020 presidential election was brought to its current conclusion?”

THE BOND depicts Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and the French as an ally in America’s endeavor to become free of tyranny. Under the left side of Franklin’s coat there are 9 lines representing the place in Paris where Franklin and his colleagues met and discussed a government ruled by the people – a dialogue that was considered treasonous and punishable by death at the time.

West believes that THE BOND, which overlooks Philadelphia’s City Hall, is an enduring symbol of unity, strength, and the democratic process. Although Franklin’s encounter with Washington happened decades ago, their past dialogue resonates as strongly as ever today.

“There is power and purpose in all art,” concluded the nationally-recognized sculptor. “Many times, the artist’s original intention is reborn and recrafted in response to everchanging societal issues. I’m proud that my sculptures are designed to create dialogue. To engage the viewer on an intellectual, visceral or emotional level. It challenges us to think. It enables us to feel. It implores us all, as human beings, to be vigilant and involved. Then and now, democracy is not always neat and tidy…but it does work.”

To learn more about Jim West and THE BOND, visit jimwestsculptor.com. View video b-roll of THE BOND HERE.

Nationally-recognized for his monumental figurative works in bronze, Jim West is now bringing a bold style and passion to the contemporary art scene with a new series of interactive sculptures incorporating light, kinetics, and sound. His distinct fusion of technology with sculpture is redefining figurative art and multi-media storytelling through abstract works that ignite uniquely personal, emotional responses. West’s newest figurative works not only showcase his depth and breadth as a fine artist, but also reveal a thought-provoking narrative of the times. Provocative yet poignant, his powerful body of work provides an unparalleled multi-sensory experience for current and future generations. No matter the subject, West’s richly textured sculptures reveal underlying layers of intention that stimulate, resonate, and evoke thoughtful introspection among diverse audiences who often discover that they too have “lived his story.”