Split Infinity

Mixed Media – Bronze, Textile; Torso -110″ x 79″ (279.40cm x 200.66cm), 950 lbs. (430.91Kg);
Legs – 92″ x 58″ (233.68cm x 147.32cm), 1000 lbs. (453.59Kg)

I acknowledge my insecurities! We all have them, without exception. I used Albert Einstein for this sculpture because when we see his image we initially think of Genius, not of loneliness and insecurity. This sculpture is about the push and the pull of not just experiencing insecurity in our life but pushing through it. Going to a place that we weren’t sure that we could achieve. People, including academics, thought that Albert Einstein was crazy when he told them that the universe and particularly time and space functioned in a different way than everyone thought. I want to challenge all of us, and myself to go to new levels and work outside of our comfort zone. Be different, take things to the next level, be proud!