Jim West | Art As Dialogue

Jim West is an established artist, nationally-recognized for creating monumental works with compelling narratives that illuminate the human condition in unexpected ways. Drawing from three decades of work crafting iconic figurative sculptures in bronze for public spaces, museums and private collections worldwide, West is redirecting his bold style and passion toward the contemporary art scene with a new series of interactive installations and sculptures. Provocative yet poignant, his powerful body of work provides an unparalleled multi-sensory experience for current and future generations.


“All of my work — monumental, conceptual or interactive — is designed to engage the viewer on an intellectual, visceral or emotional level. Whether figurative or abstract, these sculptures implore all of us, as human beings, to be vigilant and involved.”


“I am quite impressed with sculptor West’s impeccable work and attention to detail! Bravo Jim!”
"Found undiscovered talent in Jim West! His new genre of figurative sculpture with a contemporary story is just what our gallery needed. Guests to the Gallery are hearing about West from many avenues of social interaction.”
“True sculpting talent is hard to find, yet we found it in Jim West Sculptor! West brings visitors that we have not seen before in great numbers.”